Is addiction a disease? No!

Male drug addict with syringe in hand sleeping in bed after dose. Addiction concept, narcotic addicted people

Defining addiction as a disease is somewhat of a cop-out. By calling it a disease, you’ve created a crutch for victimhood and made it that much more difficult to reclaim yourself from the hole you dug yourself into. You place yourself in a position of weakness. You have created an excuse for your will being weak.

While it is true most medical associations define addiction as a disease – right up there with diabetes, cancer and heart disease. What they do not acknowledge is that, like victimhood, addiction is a self- fulfilling choice.

You choose drugs.

You choose to allow drugs to control you.

You choose the consequences of drug use and abuse.

You choose to end the relationship with drugs when you are ready.

By claiming, ‘it’s not my fault, I have a disease’ is like saying you have no control over substances – and that’s a lie – to yourself. You do have control. You can stop choosing them today.

What does addiction mean anyway?

People use drugs as an escape, to relax, or reward themselves. Over time, due to a combination of behavioral, environmental and biological factors, the drugs can make you believe that you need them to enjoy life, or that you can’t cope without them. Compulsive drug-taking and preoccupation with drugs keeps occurring as your life falls apart because of them.

Only when you stand up to your addictions can you take your power back. You can only do this when you understand it has been a choice all along.