Is it time to check in to (drug) rehab?

drug addiction rehab dry-out

Is your dabbing with drugs crossing lines and boundaries? Are you starting the slide down to rock bottom? How do you know when it is officially time to check in to drug rehab? Here is a checklist to determine if your casual experimentation is taking you down the slippery slope.

  • Are you chasing the high and losing control along the way?
  • Do you tell yourself you are going to stop but somehow cannot?
  • Are your cravings leading you to dangerous situations and you don’t care?
  • Do you already know trouble is going to find you by apologizing to your friends and family in advance of going out on the town?
  • Is your tolerance going up while withdrawals leave you shaking?

If you are losing interest in your life’s goals, and you have answered YES to any of the above, it might be time to take a harder look at making the easiest choice and start looking at your rehab options to ‘dry out.’