Have you ever met Cocaine?

To those who don’t know cocaine well or where cocaine (a.k.a. blow, coke, powder, bumps, dust, studio fuel) originates, cocaine powder can be powerfully mystical in small doses and highly addictive. To some, all it takes is a chance encounter and they’re left running after the drug’s false promises of authority and control that quickly leads to substance abuse.

Cocaine Powder is generally in a class (of drugs) on its own. Often represented as a line on a mirror, cocaine is notoriously seductive. Cocaine engages substance users in a never-ending chase for the high.

Cocaine is famously grown in the fringes of jungles in Colombia, and then the powder is smuggled aboard freight containers and cargos and brought across borders like a secret treasure in all ways humans and things can travel — carefully packaged, sealed and taped and tucked away.

On the street, cocaine gets polluted and diluted and packaged in clear plastic baggies that zip-lock and cut with anything from laxatives to baby powder to Drano or even Tabasco, so there’s more of her to pass around.

Cocaine is a timeless drug that cannot be matched by its synthetic counterparts.

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