Top 10 Reasons to Read ‘Purple Mike’

  1. It’s a trip…like, literally and figuratively.
    Purple Mike is an entertaining and imaginative read that takes the reader on a journey into an alternate universe.
  2. It’s educational.
    If you are curious about what drugs think about people, ‘Purple Mike’ will tell you all you need to know.
  3. Tool for anti-addiction.
    If you are struggling with substances, ‘Purple Mike’ may inspire you to face the dragon and slay your demons.
  4. Not preachy.
    Who wants to be lectured? No one…especially by a chewed piece of goo! ‘Purple Mike’ doesn’t preach, he just tells it like it is.
  5. Total fiction.
    ‘Purple Mike’ doesn’t pretend to be any type of expert. He just has a story to tell.
  6. Satisfy your inner hippie.
    For old schoolers of the 60’s and 70’s, there are plenty of references to bring you back to days gone by.
  7. Take a social media break
    Take a time-out from your social media newsfeed and feed your brain with a book. Read!
  8. Pick up some pointers on how to talk to kids about drugs
    If you are the parent, teach or rehab social worker, learn how to relate to those who are under the ‘influence’. Have a real discussion.
  9. Tell it like it is.
    No sugar-coating the facts, side-effects or story line. Truth.
  10. Enjoy! Reading is food for the brain.
    Expand your consciousness, legally.