Excerpts from ‘The Interview’ …

Q: What happened to Anyplace, USA that fateful night of the party? Was it designed, Purple Mike? Did you plan things to turn out as badly as they did? 

Purple Mike: Plan?!  It’s where a few bad choices naturally led…it was really a hap-hazard high-jacking event that started it all…but don’t blame me! I never knew who my daddy was. I was born in a lab, made from chemicals—an experiment with a number, not a name, gone awful wrong, kind of like Frankenstein. I was born amid instruments and stainless surgical steel…Where was the love? How would you feel if you were brought to earth as a result of an industrial accident, completely unwanted, without purpose, and detested? I never had a mommy for nurture or a daddy for example…really none of this my liability. As far as Anyplace and all the chaos that ensued, I plead the 5th. So it is written. So it is done.

Q: Why did you go into hiding? Did you do it for love? 

Purple Mike: I went into hiding for a generation hooked on instant gratification. It’s better for the nation to try to forget how reality got itself all tossed upside-down and inside-out! It’s better to pretend I never existed at all, ever…just like love.  (Bends his head and peers into a void; wiping away stray tears as he turns off his sensitivity radar located just above the left lobe). Love, it leaves an after-taste at the back of the throat, slipping down, leaving you wanting more. Now that’s addictive! Sure. I loved her. It triggered it, my going into hiding, that is. It’s for the best…for me, for her, for Anyplace.

Q: Have you benefited by giving up the habit? Does it help to tell your story to the world to set the record straight?

Purple Mike: Me? Benefit by giving up the ghost!? It’s awesome! I’m not smoking crack everyday! (Slams fist on the table). Yeah, that’s right it is time to set the record. My story comes out on April 20, 2012…And that’s straight from the Rabbit’s lips.