Meet Purple Mike

Acid tab and anti-hero on getting high and playing low.

Hi all,

I am your icon. As far as characters go, search no more. I am meant for the big screen, because I am a legend waiting to be discovered. I appeal to generations in the past, present and the future. I am timeless—and universal.

Some say I have quite of a heck of an ego, but quite simply, I am just your average ordinary every-body-loves-him acid tab. And no matter where I show up to play or hide, I am almost always trailed by my close friends—Pot, Pill and Powder. Together, we are the original strange-making brew of plants and chemicals who will take you (and any audience) on a psychedelic spin on a reality you really outta’ run from.

I have a story to tell.

A story about where a few bad choices naturally lead. But don’t blame me for the hap-hazard high-jacking event that put a chain of fated events into motion. I never knew who my daddy was. I was born in a lab, made from chemicals—an experiment with a number, not a name, gone awful wrong, kind of like Frankenstein. I was born amid instruments and stainless surgical steel…Where was the love? How would you feel if you were brought to earth as a result of an industrial accident, completely unwanted, without purpose, and detested? I never had a mommy for nurture nor a daddy for example…really none of this…what went down in Anyplace, was any of my liability. As far as the town and all the chaos that ensued, I plead the 5th.

So it was written. So it was done….but I am done hiding now. (Slams fist). Yeah, that’s right, it is time to set the record. My story, that’s coming straight from the Rabbit’s lips.

Many would argue that is perhaps better for all to sweep me (my story) under the rug. I am an inconvenient truth and it is easier to pretend I never existed at all. My story, after all, leaves an after-taste at the back of the throat…you know what I am talking about…the kind that leaves you wanting more. Now that’s addictive!

I guess I want the world to know that I am real, that love is real and what went down in Anyplace can and does happen everywhere, all the time. Someone outta make it into a movie…it’s about time.

Thanks for the consideration.


Purple Mike